ABC’s of Missions

A survey of principles of mission work to help either prospective missionaries or church leaders who may help send missionaries.

Many principles will also affect local church work and cross-cultural evangelism here at home.
Principles include:

motivation for mission work;
the participation of God in missions;
initiating a mission effort (spiritual preparation, choosing mission workers and a field, defining goals);
problems with culture and languages;
dealing with witchcraft, superstitions and pagan religions;
special doctrinal and moral questions encountered in the field;
the missionary’s attitude toward the people;
his relationship to foreign governments;
relationships with other missionaries;
the missionary and the national church (teaching the church to support itself);
the missionary’s relationship to sponsoring churches and supporters;
the missionary and his family;
his personal life; his priorities;
the work of women in missions.

Taught by an experienced missionary, B. Shelburne Tuesdays, 5:40-6:50 PM Jan 15-May 13 at SE Extension.