Distance Learning Description

Update for Distance Learning students:
Because of the pandemic, we now offer most of our classroom courses by video streaming via Zoom or YouTube. Therefore, please go to our “Semester Schedule” page to see if you would like to join a classroom course via video.
Distance Learning (DL)
Like our classroom courses, our Distance Learning courses are certificate-level studies; they do not provide credit towards a bachelor’s degree. Having said that, our courses are serious and provide rigorous study.
We offer over 40 classroom courses over a 3 year rotation in Houston Area classes. Some of these courses by their nature require classroom participation. But almost 40 courses are available via distance learning (see list of classes).
Please Note: Distance Learning is designed for those who cannot attend regular classes. However DL lacks the built-in discipline, interaction and the supportive fellowship available in the classroom setting. If you have a choice, we recommend classes.
Continue reading to the bottom to see the link for our DL courses.
Distance Learning for Grade Credit
In order for a distant student to receive grade credit, he or she must receive course materials from us via email attachments (or as hard copies by mail or on CD where email exchange is not possible). Some courses also require the student to have a textbook, which can be ordered through a Christian bookseller or via the Internet. The student must return answered study questions and tests to us for grading, preferably as files attached to email, or by postal mail or fax if necessary. There is no tuition charge for our courses though students may contribute to SHBI financially if they wish and are able. To contribute use the “Donate” button on the home page.
View list of courses potentially available for distance learning. You can see descriptions of these courses by clicking on the class title. You may see a course you would like to take. Often we suggest that a distance learner start with something basic like Life of Christ 1, or Early O.T. History 1 (Genesis), or History of Redemption (a Biblical overview of salvation history), or the Transformed Life course. But that is up to you. We also suggest doing one course at a time but you can do more if your time allows.
To enroll in a distance learning course for grade credit, please use our distance learning enrollment form on this site, or contact us at 281-990-8899 or shbi@shbi.org for an enrollment form (hardcopy or email).
We appreciate your interest and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us at shbi@shbi.org or by phone at 281-990-8899.
Distance Learning as Self Study
Where the grade is not important, one can simply order the course materials and do one’s own study. Choose a course from the list list of courses. If you want course materials for self-study and not for a grade, do NOT use the on line enrollment form but simply email or snail mail us the following information:
Name and mailing address
Email address
Name of course
Whether we may send the materials by email as a zipped file, or if you need them on a CD
Whether you can open files in Microsoft Word