Lifestyle Evangelism

Unbelievers are drawn to Christians before they are drawn to Christ. This study is about how to build bridges to outsiders as Jesus did. Topics include:

Becoming attractive to unbelievers through holy living
Distinguishing between real evil and mere cultural distaste
How to be involved with the outside world without losing our holiness
How to relate to people who have a non-Christian lifestyle
Knowing the best evangelistic approach for a given situation
Evangelism through people’s felt needs
Developing a caring, serving heart that can reach outsiders like Jesus did
What kind of church produces that kind of people
How church leaders can build this kind of church
What a minister needs to be to reach the lost
Using your home for evangelistic Bible studies
How to approach your neighbors and work mates for Christ
What to say to people who are willing to listen

A textbook, Joseph Aldrich’s Lifestyle Evangelism, will be used.