Prison Letters and Thessalonians

Covering Paul’s letters to the Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Thessalonians and Philemon, this course is rich in understanding about

God’s eternal purpose for our salvation in Christ;
the forgiveness and blessings we have in him;
the help of the Holy Spirit;
the organization and ministries of the church under Christ;
the revelation of the gospel;
doctrinal and spiritual unity;
requirements for practical Christian living in the changed life;
dealing with lying, stealing, drunkenness, laziness and immorality;
family and work relations;
surviving attacks of spiritual evil;
blessings through suffering;
motives in the ministry;
the great Christian secret of the attitude of Christ (losing life to find it);
Paul’s personal experience;
the secret of peace in all circumstances;
avoiding deceptive religious ideas;
the example of Paul’s ministry;
how to endure persecution;
how to choose a husband or wife;
the Second Coming of Christ;
the “antichrist,”
and the story of a runaway slave who became Christ’s slave.