Stepping Into Purpose that Transforms

Is your purpose evading you? Take a deep dive into discovering your unique God-anointed gifts, identity worldly strongholds and master strategies to help you step into God’s plan. No matter your season or status, your life has meaning. Join me to uncover yours and direct the ripple effect in a positive direction to impact future generations.


Discover Your Unique, God-anointed Gifts

Week 1: Introduction; God’s Fingerprints on Your Life You will discover that God has created you with unique gifts even if you have not been using them. You may discover the struggle of trying to use gifts that are not yours. We end with a discussion about the benefits of strengths and weaknesses of personalities.

Week 2:How Did God Wire You? I take a deep dive into personalities. I discuss the personalities of the 12 disciples. You end with sharing your insights into your personality and what tweaks you can make to benefit you and those around you.

Week 3: What “Shape” Are You In?  You learn from what you see, hear and experience growing up in your family and having families of your own. I discuss 4 family dynamics that could have influenced you as a child and if they affect your adult relationships. I end with hope and how to have healthy, god-centered relationships.


Identify Worldly Strongholds

Week 4: Fears  You will learn about rational and irrational fears, add some coping skills to your toolbox, apply God’s word to help you bolster your confidence and break the fear cycle that keeps you stuck not stepping into God’s plan.

Week 5: Anger, Resentment, Triggers You will learn what feelings are normal, but more importantly, methods to control feelings to keep your emotional and mental health in check. 

Week 6: Bait of Satan: Being Offended I will review the concept John Bevere talks about in his book. It “exposes one of the most deceptive snares Satan uses to get believers out of the will of God– offense.” We will explore how you choose to react.

Week 7: Your Identity: World or Christ I will discuss living in the world, but not being of the world in 7 areas of your life. 

Week 8: Counter Lies of the World  Using the 7 areas in Week 7, you will unpack how to apply faith, hope and love, Jesus-style, to your heart and mind and hold fast to the Truth.

Week 9: Refocus/Depend on God You will identify the strongholds you struggle with and create a plan to be more reliant on God. You will write steps to replace self-destructive behaviors with holy patterns.


Apply/Master Strategies to Step Into God’s Plan

Week 10: Focus on Possibilities; Journal How You Want to Feel If you are like most, you are bent towards negative thoughts that hold you back. Meet two extraordinary people who don’t allow anything to hold them back; even having no arms and legs could not hole Nick back. Also, practice writing forward.

Week 11: Practical Strategies; Armor Up I will describe how each piece of armor helps you step into God’s plan for your life. You will end by suiting up with the Word of God.

Week 12: Breaking Chains (September’s Story); End Learn how each link in your chain affects all the rest. Map out a strategy to break your destructive links and strengthen links that hold you firmly in God’s plan. Take time to evaluate the course and share any closing thoughts. 

My name is Erin E. McEndree. I am a Certified Life Coach and Mental Health Awareness Coach. I help you clarify your purpose, overcome obstacles and find peace in any situation.
I focus on advancing emotional, mental, physical, relational and spiritual health.
I help you dig deep to uncover your values and what you stand for. I help you bust myths culture creates and the mistaken thinking that keeps you from reaching your full potential in all areas of your life.
I use my life story and my experience as an adoptee to offer new perspectives, coping skills and strategies to combat fear, rejection and resentment even when circumstances are not ideal.
Everything in your life has meaning. I want to help you focus on the parts that help you grow, learn and thrive as the person God intended you to be.