Stewarding Your Personal Finances
Being at peace with your personal finances is sometimes easier said than done. One simple secret to winning with money is having a plan and structure in place for not some of, but all of your financial matters. This course will provide and teach healthy habits including:
How To Tackle Debt
Saving & Planning For Emergencies
Investing 101
Simple Money Saving Tips
Planning for Large Purchases Such As Home-buying, College And Cars
How To Talk To Aging Parents About Their Financial Matters
Preventing Identity Theft
Credit Scores…and more!
At the end of the semester, participants will be motivated to make changes and possess the tools in their financial toolbox to experience immediate success.
This course is coordinated by retired financial coach Greg Pare, and is taught along with Byron Stickney and Josh Hendrix
A Note ABOUT Greg:
Among other career successes, Greg built a multi-million dollar technology company from scratch, which he sold after 20 years of ownership. His careful management of both his company’s finances as well as his personal finances, together with his training qualifies him to teach others. Although retired, he is still passionate about helping people achieve financial peace in their lives. In the past Greg has:
• Completed Dave Ramsey’s Counselor Training Program
• Completed Dave Ramsey’s Workplace Trainer Certification
• Attended Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership Small Business Training
• Completed Financial Peace University (FPU)
• Coordinated FPU program at his home church in Lubbock, Texas.

A Note FROM Greg:

Dating back to the very first lemonade stands and paper routes, my parents always taught me to save money. I fondly remember my first piggy bank, plastic toy safe with a real working combination, various lock boxes and hiding places for savings.

I never really got into the habit of asking my parents for money. If I wanted something, I knew that I had to work, save money and then purchase the item that I wanted. I instruct parents to teach those same habits to kids today.

That learned behavior instilled a good work ethic in me that I practice to this day. Because of that, I really didn’t have a huge problem with debt until I “needed” to have things I really couldn’t afford after I had moved out of my parents house.

However, I always remembered my parents advice and was afraid to go too far into debt. However, furniture and cars were calling my name and like so many fell into the trap of charging items that I didn’t have the cash for.

Luckily that behavior didn’t last too long as the thought of having to send part of my paycheck to someone else didn’t feel so hot. I would rather save. So, as a result and having married the same personality type, my debt was short-lived with the exception of a house and some money that I had borrowed for investments. My wife and I worked hard to get our home and all debts paid in full and live a debt-free lifestyle. If we want to invest, we pay cash. Period. I don’t recommend borrowing money to invest.

One cannot imagine the freedom that comes with having no obligations for things you can’t afford to pay cash for. My passion is helping you get to this point financially, and it’s usually easier than one might imagine.

And this mindset really has nothing to do with how much money one makes or has, but a deep rooted belief system of priorities, delayed gratification, living below your means, but most importantly having the time of your life at the same time.

Come join me! I’ll show you how!