Student Testimonies




From Benin in West Africa:

Thank you for…your patience and love of the body of Christ. I think it is time to let you know that I am also a Servant of God currently into a new ministry after 15 years of missionary work in Niger Republic and Benin.




“You all are an awesome and inspiring group of individuals and I love how you help [people]  like me by making it possible to go out and do ministry while not having a fortune to spend on seminary classes; you guys are great. Keep it up!”




From a brother in India who has taken SHBI’s Life of Christ 1 course, translated it into Telugu, and is teaching it to leaders in nearby churches:

I am also very happy to say that SHBI is playing very important role in educating the people of India in Telegu and English languages. …I know this is the only help I can do by educating the people with the help of SHBI itself. Please continue your prayers for all the activities going on here for the glorification of God.  We always pray for SHBI and your family and the congregation with which you work.





“…this Institute is helping me grow and get closer to achieving the plan God has had in my life for ministry throughout the Nations…”




“When I attended your class, my biggest new understanding was that the Bible is split into the Old and New Testaments, and we are no longer under the Law. That was how rudimentary my understanding of the Word was back then. Today, I am recently married to a wonderful Christian man and freelance writing articles for a Christian nonprofit… Wow! I think back to my revelation in your class and am amazed at how far God has brought me and my faith. I hope all is well with you and just wanted to drop in and update you. Keep up the great work!”




“This is very exciting for me. I have been praying to find a way to refresh and nurture my spirit and God immediately led me to SHBI.”






You are investing in the lives of people like these both locally & globally, helping them to better love and follow Jesus.